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Kids may have their own platform with KOI. A place where they can post activities and have fun with their friends while keeping their parents informed of everything they do.

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About Us

The Story behind KOI

Since his children seldom had any access to social media, Fredrick, the creator of KOI and a parent, founded the platform. For a week or two, Fredrick observed how his children used social media, including TikTok, Roblox, and gaming apps

Unique Features

Music/Video Reels

Post your fav pictures, videos/reels, share what you feel and posts that you like you can share on your profile as well.

Freely add your favorite audio or music to your videos.

With access to millions of free music and sound samples, editing videos is simple. We choose the hottest songs in each genre, including Hip Hop, Edm, Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country, as well as the most popular unique sounds, to create music and sound playlists just for you.

Discover videos with a single scroll

Watch videos on a wide range of topics, including comedy, gaming, DIY activities, food, sports, memes, and pets, as well as oddly satisfying and ASMR content.

Your own video editing

Without leaving the app, you can quickly trim, cut, combine, and duplicate video clips with our built-in editing tools.


Related Questions

How can I limit my child’s screen time?

Edit Feature for monitoring screen time in settings. (Link in the settings so once they click the word settings they are taken to the link directly. Parents can choose how long they want their child to use the app we can offer them limit on other apps as well but main priority is KOI) 

What type of educational features does KOI have?

Introduce free billing & coding, blockchain classes for kids implemented into the app as well. Learn different skills. (Sponsor different educational content)

How do I know what my child posts, it’s all safe with no third party intervention?

No third party intervention. Every post that a child posts, the notification will be sent to their parents only. Every child will be registered through their school pin. Only way a child could register is if they have a school pin. 

How do I know that my child is watching safe content only on KOI?

That’s based on the restriction of registration and putting trusts of parents to take the initiative and monitor their child and the content they are posting. That’s the reason why a notification will be sent to the parents to approve what their child posts so then know that safe content is being posted every time. 

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